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Communication with Stakeholders

Contact List for Stakeholders

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Contact Person: Irene Lin
Tel: 886-2-2685-6688 Extension: 7412
Fax: 886-2-2685-6889
Address: No. 6-8, Zhonghua Rd., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 23860, Taiwan

Participation of Stakeholders

Everlight listens to the voice of stakeholders via various communication channels and platforms. Stakeholder suggestions and issues of concern are incorporated into organizational strategies and operational planning. This also serves as a reference basis for the information disclosed in this report. This year’s report adopts AA1000 SES identification principles. After the identifications by supervisors of all departments and external counselors, six major stakeholders, including employees, investors/shareholders, suppliers, customers/dealer, media and government agencies, were established as main communication targets.

Communication with Stakeholders

Everlight has diverse interaction and communication mechanisms with stakeholders, including “customer satisfaction surveys,”“employee forum,”“supplier surveys,”“Shareholders’Meeting,”and“invest or conference.”Through various communication channels with stakeholders, the company may realize their demands, their expectations towards the company and the issue of sustainable development that they pay attention to. Apart from instant response, the company will also take these opinions as the reference for sustainable CSR development programs.

Identification of Major Issues

Everlight collects 48 sustainability issues and edits them into a survey through diverse communication channels with stakeholders including 46 perspectives of economics, environment, and society in GRI G4 as well as adding“patent” and “conflict minerals” perspectives by taking the significant issues that concern stakeholders, Social Accountability 8000 International Standard (SA8000) and Everlight CSR performance indicators. Everlight analyzes the priority of significant issues that stakeholders pay attention to in accordance with “stakeholder level of concern” and “impact level on corporate governance” and takes the direction of sustainable operations for Everlight and the overall development of the company into account in accordance with the steps of sustainability context, importance, integrity and tolerance of stakeholders. The company collects 15 significant issues as the Everlight social responsibility policy and annual operating goals.