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Company Governance

Financial Performance

Optoelectronic components represent the main sales category of Everlight and its affiliated enterprises. Business operations can be categorized as follows: manufacture and sale of light-emitting and sensor components, manufacture and sale of light-emitting diodes, processing, manufacture, and sale of LCD products, and research and development of lighting products and electronic components. Some affiliated enterprises focus on investment services.
In the field of production capacities and output, Everlight is firmly committed to a constant enhancement of production efficiency. Production capacities in 2016 amounted to NT$ 24.875 billion, which represents an increase by NT$ 691 million compared to 2015. Total output, on the other hand, reached 32.374 billion pcs in 2016, which marks an increase by 5.933 billion pcs compared to the previous year. In 2016, Everlight products were sold in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, USA, and other countries.


Organizational Management and Framework

We have created a sound corporate framework, strengthened the competencies of our board, safeguarded stakeholder rights and interests, and disclosed company information in a fair and transparent manner in an effort to perfect our governance and management framework, and enhanced operational performance. The Compensation Committee consists of three members, which include two independent directors and one professional accountant in accordance with the Organizational Articles of the Compensation Committee of Everlight to perfect the compensation compensation system for board director, supervisors, and managers and perform supervisory duties in an effective manner.
In 2016, the company established an Automobile Product Center in August and a Strategic Outsourcing Center in December in compliance with the operational policy.

Integrity Operations

Integrity is one of the critical operating principles of the company. Directors, supervisors and employees all abide by government laws and regulations, perform duties with integrity and utilize their professional skills and diligent management to create the maximum profits for shareholders. The company stipulates “Employee Code of Conduct,” requiring all its employees to abide by honest regulations and moral conduct and prohibiting employees from receiving any gifts in any form.
The company also stipulates “Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings,” in which Article 15 provides the recusal policy for directors with conflict of interests. If a director or a juristic person that the director represents is an interested party in relation to an agenda item that the relationship is likely to prejudice the interest of the Company, that director may not participate in discussion or voting on that agenda item and shall recuse himself or herself from he discussion or the voting on the item and may not exercise voting rights as proxy for another director.


Internal Audit System

Everlight has established an accounting and internal control system. Through the promotion of internal audit, the company may ensure the achievement of the goals of the effect and efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial reports, and the compliance of laws and regulations, as well as by assisting the board and management in firmly fulfilling their responsibilities. Internal auditors of the company conduct audit, investigation based on the audit plan on a regular basis, evaluate the effectiveness of internal control system, and measure the effect and efficiency of operation. They also prepare audit reports for review by directors and supervisors and provide improvement recommendations to management to ensure that internal control system is implemented effectively, to implement integrity operation and avoid frauds.