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Supply Chain Management

Procurement Policy

The Everlight Electronics supply chain management includes the management over raw materials, dealers and service suppliers. Everlight introduced EICC in 2016, requiring all suppliers to fulfill social responsibilities and abide by the EICC. Before signing contracts with new suppliers, Everlight will 100% evaluate suppliers against the EICC and require suppliers to sign the “Supplier Social Responsibility Pledge,” “Honesty Pledge,” “Pledge of Not Using Conflict Minerals,” “Warranty of not Including Prohibited or Restricted Substances in the Products of Suppliers”, and the “EICC Statement” to ensure the quality of suppliers and that the safety of the working environment is achieved, employees are treated with respect and dignity, the commercial operation is environmentally friendly and abides by moral standards. In 2017, Everlight will include ISO 14001 and EICC into the evaluation of the environment, human rights and social impact.
In the selection of domestic and overseas suppliers, Everlight hopes to achieve the win-win and mutually prosperous situation with suppliers. Therefore, in the selection of suppliers, the company prefers to cooperate with local suppliers apart from taking the essential requirements like quality of raw materials, delivery time of products and the reputation of suppliers into account.

Safety Certification of Products

Everlight is a leading enterprise in the LED packaging industry and offers comprehensive LED packaging product series. Products different from those available on the market are created through constant innovation and R&D. The establishment of a green supply chain and green product lines also constitutes one of Everlight’s core concepts. As far as the supply chain is concerned, Everlight embraces complete ESH policies for its production processes and fully complies with environmental protection and occupational health and safety regulations and other relevant laws. All raw and production related substances conform to RoHS and other laws and regulations governing prohibited and restricted substances. As for product lines, the company launched the LED packaging components and modular products to generate energysaving light emitters with high luminous efficiency and brightness. Small packaging types, low thermal resistance, and controllable high wattage, reduce the weight and size and thereby facilitate transportation and increase user friendliness. The company makes constant progress in the realization of green, eco-friendly, energy-saving, and carbon reduction concepts.
Everlight produces five major optical coupler products: Photo Transistor/Darlington, Photo Triac, Solid State Relay, Schmitt Trigger and High Speed. There are 95 products for Photo Transistor/Darlington, 21 products for Photo Triac, 12 products for Solid State Relay, 3 products for Schmitt Trigger, and 81 products for High Speed. Everlight produces a total of 212 optical coupler products, and all of these products have passed safety certifications. Everlight shows the quality advantage and production process capacity through the introduction of safety certifications with credibility to enhance its competitiveness in the market.

Customer Service

Everlight conducts annual satisfaction surveys on customers in October of every year. The targets of the survey are customers with delivery amounts of over NT$1 million from September of the previous year until August of the current year and customers involved in the trading of automobile products. In 2016, 1,114 surveys were issued, and 1,084 of them was returned. The return rate was 97.31%. The contents of the survey include: order and the supply/contact window/development of new products/ product quality. According to the results of the customer satisfaction surveys, the average score of customer satisfaction in 2016 was better than 2015, which indicates that customers are satisfied with the service quality of the company and clearly feels the efforts Everlight puts into improving the customer satisfaction.