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Talent Management

Employee Structure

In 2016, the total employee number of Everlight was 6,181, a decrease of 789 employees compared to 2015. Among this number, 1,686 employees are in Taiwan, 4,005 employees are in plants in China, and 490 foreign employees are in Taiwan. As for management, the number of management level positions in Taiwan is 297, accounting for 18% of the employees in Taiwan, and the number of management level posts in China is 290, accounting for 7% of the employees in China.
All countries have included special provisions for the protection of child labor in their labor laws and statutes to take care of the limitations of children in the field of physical fitness and physiology. Taiwan has also included relevant regulations in its Labor Standards Act. Everlight strictly abides by these laws and has adopted rigorous recruitment review measures, such as verification of school times during interviews and checking of ID cards when employees report for duty, etc., to prevent the hiring of child laborers due to negligence. As of 2016, no instances of misuse of child labor have occurred in this company. In the future, we will continue to implement recruiting controls to ensure zero use of child labor and fulfill our responsibility in the field of health, safety, and normal development of our children.

Relieved Working Place

Outstanding talent is Everlight’s greatest asset. Only healthy employees can guarantee stable and sustained operations. Everlight conducts free employee health check annually and implements special health checks for employees with high risks (including noise, ionizing radiation, dust, organic solvents, and specific chemical substances). The company conducts health management based on the health check level system. The health check items every year is properly adjusted in accordance with the analysis of abnormal health check results of employees and epidemiology in order to comply with the health demands of Everlight employees. In addition, Everlight copes with government policy and conducts cancer screening for 4 types of cancers (colorectal cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer). Employees categorized as the high-risk group after health checks will be monitored by professional registered nurses, and doctors will conduct the follow-up interviews, cares and monitor. Yuanli Plant in Maioli County, Taiwan complied with Miaoli County Government and conducted healthy weight management project in 2016. The Plant won the first place for most weight loss of the workplace group.

Everlight has formulated a health and safety inspection plan to prevent occupational accidents at the workplace. This plan includes regular inspections of health and safety related facilities, fire protection facilities, low-voltage electrical equipment, operations involving hazardous materials, desiccating equipment, and type II pressure vessels as well as spot inspections of operations involving organic solvents and regular and special inspections of vehicles. A safety related communication mechanism has been established for equipment suppliers and process equipment and facility locations of the company to alleviate potential risks associated with existing and new machinery. In addition to special inspections prior to routine operations and construction safety management in the field of engineering safety, the company implements operational controls regarding high risks and dangers. Everlight regularly conducts occupational injury prevention measures, such as chemicals leaking drills, fire and evacuation drills, fire knowledge promotion, fire report, and electrical appliance safety protection, to improve the responding speed of employees in emergency cases, reduce accidents, and enhance workplace safety protection.
When facing the stress from work, Everlight pays attention not only to the physical conditions of employees but also to their psychological condition and stress. Through the analysis of overwork survey, the company screens highrisk cases and keeps track of them. Meanwhile, the company cares employees through “employee assistance project” that provides employees with psychological counseling for employees in need. We hope that we can assist employees in controlling their psychological condition more effectively. “Employee assistance project”was introduced in Taiwan in 2016. The company provides employees with toll-free psychological counseling. Through large promotion lecture, small stress relief lectures and irregular distribution of psychological brochures, employees may pay attention to their psychological health after work.
Starting from 2016, Everlight has been promoting employee/family injury and illness cares measures. Through continuous caring of employees’ health condition and assistance, the company allows employees to rest and heal without worries and return to work soon. By the joint effort of Everlight employees, no occupational disease and injury case was reported in Taiwan and overseas plants in 2016, which indicates that Everlight attaches great importance to the health of employees.