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Sustainable Environmental Management

All plants of Everlight (Shulin, Yuanli, Tongluo, Suzhou and Zhongshan Plant) are located in industrial zones and in compliance with the environmental impact appraisal. Therefore, plants of Everlight are not located in sensitive ecological protection zone or protected habitats. In the aspect of ecological diversity, the production activities, products and services of Everlight do not have a material impact on the protection zone or areas with significant biological diversity. Since the establishment of its plants, Everlight has never received any complaints concerning impact on the ecological area or material negative impact on the local community. In 2016, no leakage or violation of environmental regulations was found in all plants.。
Everlight invests in resources of environmental protection equipment, pollution disposition expenses, environmental protection management system and environmental protection education trainings for related personnel in order to reach the goals of abiding by environmental protection regulations, reducing environmental pollutions, and sustainable environmental management. The environmental expenditure for Everlight in 2016 was NT$12,773 thousand, which indicates how much the company emphasizes in environmental protection.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Measures

The main energy used in Everlight plants includes electricity and diesel. All plants strive to improve the energy usage efficiency in producing products. In 2016, the energy consumption intensity for Shulin Plant was 17,272 MJ/ employees (number), a decrease of 7.8% compared to 2015. The energy consumption intensity for Yuanli Plant was 13.28 MJ/production (in thousands), a decrease of 7.1% compared to 2015. The energy consumption intensity for Suzhou and Zhongshan Plant was 25.27 MJ/production (in thousands) and 83.74 MJ/production (in thousands) respectively, which were increased compared to 2015. Reason for increase: The increase of energy consumption intensity for Zhongshan Plant was caused by the change of production line in 2016, and the reason for the increase of electricity consumption intensity for Suzhou Plant was caused by the increase of production.

In the past, Everlight has been promoting energy saving and carbon reduction. Based on the goal of CSR and green production and sustainable operation, all plants received ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. The main purpose is to provide the company with a structure of necessary procedure through the establishment of management guidelines and methods, which allows the company to comply with and reach the best energy usage efficiency without affecting the current operation. Everlight combines the operation strategy with the goal along with Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) mechanism to consistently improve energy utilization. The company may further achieve the goal of sustainable operation and eco-friendly through reducing energy costs and GHG emission.
In 2016, Everlight reduced carbon emission by 431 tons, and additional NT$1,074,802 was saved compared to 2015. The company will continue to promote energy saving and carbon reduction programs. Energy saving and carbon reduction measures adopted by all plants in 2016 and effects are shown in the following table.

Water Resource Management

In response to the extreme climate changes, the development and distribution of water resources has been a critical issue for countries around the world. Thus, water resources management, water saving, and emergency response for water shortage become a critical part in the risk management for climate change and disaster adaption for corporations. In view of water resources application, Everlight recycles and reuses the water in the production process in manufacturing plants, which allows the water resources may be properly used efficiently. The company also conducts regular internal inspection, review and evaluation, and then it will fix and adjust current facilities and equipment based on the evaluation result. The company will then reevaluate the improvement in order to achieve the ultimate goal of saving water resources. In 2016, the water consumption for all plants of Everlight was 670,000 tons. The water consumption intensity for Shulin Plant was 24.02m³/ employee, a decrease of 26.25% compared to 2015.
In response to water shortage and climate changes, Everlight continues to promote water saving measures with every effort. In addition to improving facilities and equipment, the company also encourages employees to change the water consumption behaviors to improve water saving efficiency. In 2016, Everlight’s plants in Taiwan were expected to save 56,974 tons of water.
As for the monitoring of water resources, required tests (wastewater temperature, pH value, SS, BOD, and COD) are carried out by accredited institutions by commission of the company on an annual basis to ensure that the discharged water meets relevant effluent standards and prevent impacts on the environmental ecology. The monitoring value of water emission for all plants of Everlight in 2016 was within the legitimate emission standard.

Waste Management

For the pursuit of sustainable operation, the company improves production process and recycle resources to reduce costs and pollution in order to achieve the win-win goal of reducing environmental pollution and effective utilization of resources. Plants focus on the environmental protection awareness. The main principle of supply chain management is to recycle or reuse resources that may be recycled or reused, and wastes are disposed based on their natures. Vendors handling waste disposal are qualified vendors, and the company conduct irregular audit on vendors handling waste disposal in order to enhance monitor and management on vendors. In 2016, the total waste amount for all plants of Everlight was 1,547.3 tons, an increase of 5.6% compared to 2015.