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Social Care


The company uses eco-friendly chopsticks and bowls for its meal services to reduce resource waste and garbage amounts. In 2016, two beach cleaning activities were organized with total 146 participants.

Charity Events

To raise the cares to the society, the vulnerable, and health, Everlight encourages employees to charity jogging events. In addition to employees, the company also invites family of our employees to participate in these events. These events increase the understandings of employees and enable our employees to spend time with their family. It is an all-win situation for the society, family and health.

Community Cares and Environmental Afforestation

To give back to the local community, Everlight enhances a friendly relationship with local communities. Employees irregularly spend time on holidays as volunteers to care for vulnerable people and provide assistance. In addition, the company also expresses our concern on the environment of local communities through environmental afforestation and actively gives back to communities.

Concern for Children in Remote Areas

This has turned into an Everlight tradition. On this day, employees spontaneously donate small Christmas gifts issued by the company to children in charity homes in remote areas. The children received two large boxes full of cutely wrapped candy. The personnel of charity homes stated that the children were thrilled when they say the gifts and some of them couldn’t bring themselves to unwrap the candy and eat it. They were extremely grateful to our employees for their care and concern for children in remote areas. Recipients: Andrew Charity Association, Chinshan Charity Home in Pingtung, Onesiphorus Children’s Home in Taitung.


Support of Local Farmers

In support of local produce, employees have been enlisted to purchase 300 crates of citrus fruit from the Shitan Farmers’ Association in Miaoli. This activity served the purpose of showing concern for disadvantaged groups, fostering direct communication between producers and consumers, and building interpersonal trust. Environmental protection through supervision of government policies related to agriculture and the environment is the responsibility of all citizens and consumers. Consumers should select agricultural products that have been inspected by certification bodies, traceable ingredients, or products that have been screened by trustworthy stores. By purchasing produce directly from farmers, we can easily track the origins of the food and ensure that the farmers directly benefit from our purchases.

Lohas Home – Song of Firefly

Everlight makes contributions to the society. In order to embrace “2017 International Firefly Festival” and assist Taipei City Government in firefly restoration in Da An Forest Park, the company is held accountable for the lighting equipment for the ecological pool of fireflies. Everlight specifically develops 590 nanometers red and yellow LED road lamps and light pens for fireflies. This type of light is visible for human being but not for fireflies. These are the first LED road lamps and flashlights for fireflies. The feature of these lightings is that retinas of fireflies will not be damaged when we use the light on fireflies.
Lamps for fireflies have special optical wave length, which are unable to be in mass production. Every lamp is hand-made by engineers of Everlight. We hope that these lamps can be beneficial to the restoration of habitats of fireflies. There are only few capitals around the world can successfully restore fireflies. The exclusive lighting developed for fireflies by Everlight in Taiwan are recognized by international firefly experts. This effort helps nongovernment restoration groups and Taipei City Government to hold “2017 International Firefly Festival.”Experts from 30 countries will visit Taipei and participate in the festival. It means that Taiwan emphasizes on ecological restoration and becomes an island of fireflies in the world.
Emphasis on ecological restoration is definitely a key symbol of a civilized country. If Taiwan is capable of restoring fireflies in the city, it will indicate that the air, water and life quality in Taiwan is clean and healthy and that Taiwan will march toward the goal of sustainably developed “tenacious city” and health and happy “firefly island.”
Thus, Everlight Cultural Foundation is held accountable for the theme song audition and album production for 2017 International Firefly Festival. Producer Wen-Hsiu Chien indicates that she writes and produces this song from the perspective of core value of family ethics. Lyrics are written in Taiwanese, Chinese and English. We hope the “Song of Fireflies” that symbolizes future, care, moving and loving Earth can reach every corner of the world and protect our planet with other countries.

After a year of selection and evaluation in 2016, there were total 551 pieces of work sent from overseas Chinese in the United States, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The First Prize was revealed on November 2, 2016. “Light up the love of the world,”written by Kuo-Kuang Yu and Tung-Hsien Chen won the First Prize and awarded NT$600,000 and a trophy.