Corporate Governance

Organization Chart
Board Structure
Title Name Educational and Professional Background Concurrent Positions
Chairman Mr. Robert Yeh Everlight Electronics Chairman and GM Chairman and GM of Tekcore Co., Ltd.,
Board member of Epistar Corporation,
Chairman and GM of Everlight Electronics
Director of Board Mr. Bo-Wen Zhou Everlight Electronics Vice GM Evervision Electronics board member,
United View Investments board member,
Yee Hang Investment board member
Director of Board Mr. Wu-Yan Yeh Everlight Electronics Plant
manager, Associate
Manager, Vice GM
Everlight (China) Chairman, Everlight lighting (China) board member and GM,
Yiruijin (Jiangsu) board member
Director of Board Mr. Bang-Yan Liu Everlight Electronics GM of the Production Group Everlight Solid-State Lighting board
member, Jienarui Lighting board member,
Perfect East Investments board member
Director of Board Mr. Jia-Hua Li Vice President of Inventec Corporation Chairman of Vodtel Communications, Unex
Technology Supervisor, TaipeiTech
Innovation Company Standing Board Member
Independent Director Mr. Johnsee Lee Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology
The Honorary Chairman of Taiwan Bio Industry Organization
The President of ITRI 
Managing Director of the Development Center for Biotechnology
Independent Director Mr. Chen-en Ko Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Accounting)
The President of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research
Emeritus Professor of National Taiwan University
Supervisor Mr. Zheng-Li Yang MBA from Tulan University,
Chairman of King Core Electronics and King Core (Suzhou), Chairman of Yibao Shoe Material
Supervisor Mr. Cheng-Hung Chiu Ph.D, Nanjing University
Senior counsels of Chien Yeh law offices
Independent Director of HEP group
General manager of MIB FP CO.


Company Rules and Regulations