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Compensation & Benefits

To Everlight, employees are the greatest asset of the company.

To attract, encourage and keep the best people, we offer the most attractive and highly competitive salary for them. We value the performance of employees and are willing to share all the results to everyone. Everlight not only offers the bonus of target achievement for that month, bonus of proposals to improve, and bonus of patent, but also provides the complete bonus compensation system.

Under the stable and steady work environment with good communication, you will have many chances to experience your skills. Everlight trains the employees, cares the employees and offers good welfare to employees. All of these allow the employees to work hard without fear of disturbance.

After work, we offer cash gift for festivals, financial aid, and hold ball competition and cultural activities regularly for the employees. With the diversification of leisure and entertainment and community activities, employees can look after both job and life, and always maintain the vitality in everything.

We take care of everyone in full-range. With the diverse activities and education planning, we gather the team power to make the connection established among job, life, colleague and family.

Sincerely invite you to join the company and create a better future with us.