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EVERLIGHT Prevails in LED Patent dispute against Seoul Semicondutor in South Korea


Shulin Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) - Global manufacturer leader in LED optoelectronics industry, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [ TSETSE :2393 ] (hereinafter referred to as "Everlight") received a decision from the Korean Intellectual Property Office

 on April 5th, 2018, confirming that Everlight’s patent KR768539 is valid and rejecting the patent invalidation request made by Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Seoul Semi").


Everlight also filed the patent infringement cases with Mannheim District Court in Germany against Seoul Semi and its dealer Neumüller Elektronik GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Neumüller") on May 4th and July 3rd, 2017. Everlight requested an injunction that the Court enjoin Seoul Semi and Neumüller from selling, manufacturing, importing or exporting any infringing products. Everlight also requested Seoul Semi and Neumüller to recall and destroy any inventories of infringing products, and bear infringement damages.


Everlight possesses a strong patent portfolio in the key markets including the America, China, Japan, Europe and Taiwan. The patents cover high, middle or low power LED components those are suitable for back lighting, lighting or automobile LED products.


Everlight respects intellectual property rights and does not tolerate any infringement and will devote to the protection of customers’ and shareholders’ benefits and rights.

About EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. Ltd.

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. Led by Chairman Robert Yeh. EVERLIGHT has over 35 years of R&D experience for reliable capability. With global operations for customer service and an excellent brand reputation, EVERLIGHT has been ranked in the top five LED manufacturers in this competitive LED market. Our products are manufactured in-house to guarantee maximum quality and service. EVERLIGHT provides the most diversified product portfolio consisting of Low Power LEDs to Ultra High Power LEDs, Through-hole LEDs to SMD LEDs, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Optocouplers and Infrared Emitters and Sensors, and many other LEDs for the Lighting, TFT, Automotive, Signage, and Consumer markets. Today, EVERLIGHT is a global company with over 6,400 employees based throughout China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Germany and U.S.A.

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