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EVERLIGHT exhibits New Product for Automotive Exterior at TAIPEI AMPA 2017


Shulin, New Taipei City - April 18, 2017 - EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. 【TSE:2393】, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry committed to R&D of automotive LED products, is going to showcase its newest products for automotive interior & exterior at TAIPEI AMPA 2017; and its high-tech ADB matrix intelligent headlights and ADAS application products therein are the most outstanding products; moreover, the ADB matrix intelligent LED headlight is awarded the "Innovation Awards" at the TAIPEI AMPA 2017. We sincerely welcome your visit to EVERLIGHT booth for product presentation and communication (J1212).

Driving vehicle on the road will run into various kinds of situation; and an incessantly growing number of accidents therein are caused by the glaring headlights from the oncoming vehicles in opposite direction. EVERLIGHT has marketed its newest ADB matrix intelligent LED headlight with CCD auto detection that blanks out the light source toward the detected area of the oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction automatically; it prevents the drivers of the oncoming vehicles in the opposite direction from being interfered their sight to cause danger by your vehicle's high-beam. The ADB matrix intelligent LED headlight is mounted 24 pieces of LED in 2.0mm x 1.6mm size; and every single piece of LED will emit a luminance of 190lm at an operating current of 700mA; as through the aid of intelligent control, the brightness is individually and independently dimmable to attain 1024 grayscale variations. Besides that, EVERLIGHT further fits the headlight with fisheye lens, control module plus a specially arrayed light-transferring pole design that are integrated to the reliable CCD detection system so that the segments of light source are flexibly dimmable together with more precise identification and illumination. This product, designed and developed along with other leading OE (Original Equipment) automakers, meets the regulatory requirements of ECE R112 class B Driving Beam.

EVERLIGHT will also present many key components for ADAS applications on the spot; infrared HIR-C19D product for collision prevention application, active control of vehicle distance for cruise navigation, smart detection system that actively detects to prevent the driver from nodding off, IR89-01C for hand gesture recognition application, and ALS-PT17 night vision assistant system for ambient light sensing, etc. EVERLIGHT expects to expand its automotive component product line and uninterruptedly develop the high-tech and high-quality products at the same time; and will never forget to bring a more convenient and safer driving environment for the drivers and pedestrians when satisfying the requirements of automaker customers.

Time:9:00-17:00,4/22(Sat) until 15:00
Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Booth Number:J1212


EVERLIGHT matrix headlight and ADAS infrared HIR-C19D product
Source: EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd.



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