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EVERLIGHT exhibit its Complete Portfolio of Lighting Components at GILE 2017


Shulin, New Taipei City - June 8, 2017 - EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. 【TSE:2393】, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, is going to exhibit its latest high-voltage & high-efficacy 2835 series, full color and UV LEDs at Guangzhou Int'l Lighting Exhibition 2017; including the various types of components for applications to different situations and occasions, such as office, commercial, residential, industrial and special lighting, etc. one-stop exhibition is available at site; and we sincerely welcome you to visit EVERLIGHT booth at Hall 10.2 B02 to see everything in person.

Complete Portfolio of 2835 Package breaks through the High CRI Technology
EVERLIGHT, in response to the main current of specifications for 2835 package component in the market, especially launches its newest component of high-voltage version and high-efficiency version; wherein, new 12V 1W series has excellent price performance ratio that can directly substitute 9V 1W series used in the linear solution; and 18V 1W series components can effectively maintain the high-voltage as required by the light bulbs with medium-low lumens (400~650lm). These types of components of high-voltage version can efficiently and comprehensively facilitate the price performance ratio for customer's product, and meet with the requirements of lighting bulbs. 2835KK7C series component has a high lumens efficiency of 200lm/W that has reached the high-standard certification requirements for DLC 4.0 light tube applications in North America; and upgraded the effectiveness of energy saving for the system once again. EVERLIGHT has a complete product line for 2835 packages that featured 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0W, and in regard of voltage, we provide 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V and 18V. This year, EVERLIGHT has once again broken through the color rendering index ability CRI>95 and R9>90 that restores the object's most natural, bright and original color.

Monochromatic LEDs and Special Wavelength makes Contribution to Agricultural, etc. Animal & Plant Domains
Monochromatic LEDs have been increasingly and widely used in agricultural lighting in recent years because of its combination with color that effectively meets the requirements of particular frequency spectrum and optical functions. EVERLIGHT, especially, has taken the monochromatic wavelengths covering a complete wavelength PAR 450nm~730nm to develop a series of products with different power values featured; and they are high-power ceramic SHWO 3535, mid-power 3030 and low-power 2835; wherein, the most widely used product is the high-power 660nm unit component that can achieve up to 4.77 PPF; it is indeed the top one in the industry. Considering that characteristics of monochromatic color light source can be further extended to make contribution to biological influence domain, EVERLIGHT engages in and commits itself to studying the impact of special wavelength against creatures; it contains the concept of human-factor illumination therein; and expects to bring the wavelength that is most suitable for illumination to human. Currently, according to the research results achieved from the cooperation between the laboratories and the customers, the wavelength that is most suitable for working under highly concentrated spirit and the wavelength that is most adaptive to a leisure and comfort application have been developed. Due to the use of additional customized phosphor, their spectrums are different from general LED ones; and that is why the illumination they created can actually realize a friendly luminous environment. Also, EVERLIGHT will continue to develop more solutions for customized wavelengths and offer service to those customers that devote themselves in studying animals & plants.

UV Multiple Options & Wide Applications to offer Customized Module Solutions
In the past, UV has been widely applied to the fields of industry and home appliances, for instances, UV paint, cosmetic curing, medical treatments, counterfeit checking, sterilization, photocatalytic air and water purifiers, etc. In order to meet the market demand, EVERLIGHT has launched seven types of UV LED products and five of them are UVA (wavelength 365nm~400nm) with high-power 1.8W and low-power 0.08W in various size (2.0x1.6mm to big size 4.5x4.5mm) plus options of light-emitting angle at 120°, 50° and 30° available. Other 2 types are UVC (wavelength 270nm~290nm); they are ELUC and ELUMC in 2mW and 20mW respectively with a viewing angle at 120°. EVERLIGHT further provides a full service of design, simulation, sample preparation, and mass production, etc. for UV-customized module; cooperates with many well-known enterprises in Taiwan, Europe and America to undertake the development of customized modules and lead in their mass production. In recent one year, there are more than 20 UV module products going into mass production. The most crucial point to achieve these achievements is that EVERLIGHT has the leading-edge ability of optical simulation that can be put into practice for verification quickly to provide real-time and effective achievements of development.

EVERLIGHT, integrating its professional R&D, Sales and Marketing teams to continuously pursue innovation and technical breakthroughs, is able to supply a complete portfolio of lighting products in low, middle and high power that are based on monochromatic light (full color) and special wavelength; wherein, the product series are emphasized by their efficiency, size, price performance ratio, heat dissipation and wavelength, etc. to meet the demands from different aspects. Rigorous production and quality control are incorporated to provide the customers with the most comprehensive and top-quality lighting solutions.

Product figure:

EVERLIGHT's comprehensive portfolio of lighting products meets different requirements for various applications.
(Proper package structure and product materials will be selected according to customer requirements)
Source: EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd.


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