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Q:  Where are EVERLIGHT product catalog and specifications can be found?
A:  Download catalog through link below. For product details, go to the section of "products". Please be reminded that since EVERLIGHT has a comprehensive product portfolio, only typical products are listed on the website and catalog. Contact us for any request that includes customization service.
Click HERE to get product catalogue

Q:  Have products shown in official website being mass produced? Will sample be available for trial?
A:  All products in EVERLIGHT official website have been mass produced, sample is offered upon request. Please go to the section of "contact us" to fill out "Inquiry form".

Q:  Who should be contacted with (Local EVERLIGHT branch office or distributor/dealer) for purchase demands? 
A:  Contact local distributor. All authorized distributor/dealer are listed on the official website. If you have doubts about their qualification, please contact local branch office directly via phone number below:
Click HERE to get authorized distributor/dealer
Taiwan:  +886-2-2685-6688
China:  400-625-8289 (Toll free service number)
Korea:  +82-2-2047-6690
Tokyo, Japan:  +81-3-5439-9296,Kyoto +81-75-584-6070
India:  +91-080-41633111
Malaysia:  +60-4-646-4233
Singapore:  +65-6511-2965
Texas, USA:  +1-972-490-4008,California +1-909-458-1405
Germany:  +49-721-82447-3

Q:  Where are EVERLIGHT factories located?
A:  EVERLIGHT has three factories which located respectively in Miaoli, Taiwan and Suzhou, China.

Qualification, Certification
Q:  What is safety certificate such as CQC, UL, VDE etc. for optical coupler?   
A:  Certificate of optical coupler is available at:
Safety certificate

Q:  Are RoHS/ REACH relevant certificates available?
A:  RoHS/ REACH certificate is available through linked below. Type of product marked in the report represents it is not only applicable to particular product but the whole series. 
Test report
REACH, RoHS  Certificate of Conformity

Q:  What is conformity status of international Pb-free specification? 
A:  All EVERLIGHT products comply with EU RoHS Pb-free and Hg-free requirements.

Q: What are Pb-Free and Hg-Free product defined?
A: According to relevant regulatory requirements of EU RoHS (2011/65/EU), when lead (mercury) contained in homogeneous material is less than 0.1% (1000ppm) percentage of material weight, it is deemed as Pb-free or Hg-free product.

Q: How is Halogen-Free product specified?
A: Halogen free is determined according to IEC61249-2-21 international standards. I.e. total chlorine (CL) and bromine (Br) contained in homogeneous material should be less than 900ppm, and the sum of total CL and Br should be less than 1500ppm. 

Q: What do RoHS, SGS and ICP reports represent?
A:  RoHS test report means test result of product homogeneous material dissolving test conducted by third party test center for RoHS prohibited substances. 

SGS report is RoHS test report issued by SGS test center. Report will be named after test center if test is entrusted to another test center (e.g. Intertek, CTI, ETC).

ICP report is high precision analysis equipment-ICP ( Inductive coupling plasma spectrometer) used by test center when conducting RoHS test. Report is named by equipment and also represents product has been precisely analyzed.

RoHS test report, SGS report and ICP report are the same type test reports with different names. All RoHS tests of EVERLIGHT products are entrusted to SGS.

Q:  What quality certificate has been issued to EVERLIGHT?
A:  EVERLIGHT has obtained various certificates such as quality, environment, safety, hygiene, hazard substance-free and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Q:  How to obtain answers to luminary/ lighting fixture questions? 
A:  EVERLIGHT LED Lighting (Taiwan)
Toll free service number: 0800-888-311
Customer service mail

EVERLIGHT LED Lighting (China)
Toll free service number:400-822-1600