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Everlight Care and Talent Development

Everlight commits and guarantees the right to work of all employees, continuously and actively creates excellent working environment, and complies with employment regulations and international standards applicable to all operating areas, including the freedom of association, privacy, prohibition on forced labor, child labor and any improper dismissal and discrimination-related laws and regulations.

Employee Composition

In 2018, our Suzhou plant had a total of 17 client and certification agency visits to audit social responsibility issues. We had a 100% feedback rate to their improvement items and completed 17 corporate social responsibility reviews. All facility sites of Everlight have qualified for the SA8000 certification. During the report period, Everlight did not jeopardize the freedom of association nor endangered operating locations or suppliers under collective negotiation. In addition, the forced or compulsory labor cases, such as keeping IDs into custody requesting compulsory deposits and using termination of employment to threaten employees to involuntarily work overtime, did not occur.

To cope with the emerging era of Industry 4.0, Everlight has additionally installed automatic machines and equipment in its facilities. Therefore, the number of employees in 2018 was less than the ones in 2017. The employee types of the company are all full-time employees and there are no temporary employees. In 2018, the total number of employees of Everlight was 5140 employees.

Employee health management

Outstanding talent is Everlight’s greatest asset. Only healthy employees can guarantee stable and sustained operations. Every year, Everlight regularly arranges free employee health checkups and conducts special health checks for those who are engaged in high-risk jobs. Health management is performed in accordance with the classification of health checks. Every year, the categories for health check are adjusted based on the analysis results from the employees over the past years and the popular epidemiology to best meet the health requirements of Everlight's employees. The Company also cooperates with Taiwan's government policies to conduct screening of four major cancers (colorectal, breast, cervical and oral). High-risk employees will be administered by the Company's specialized nurses. Professional doctors perform other follow-up interviews to continue monitoring.

In order to healthy physique for employees, morning is the most important time of a day. Physical exercise and gymnastics during daily morning sessions provide employees with an opportunity to soothe and stretch their tense nerves and muscles and start every workday filled with energy and vitality. In addition, Everlight also has diverse sports clubs. Through aerobics classroom and gym of the company, employees may form the habit of exercise after hard works.

Employee Occupational Safety

Everlight has formulated a health and safety inspection plan to prevent occupational accidents at the workplace. This plan includes regular inspections of health and safety related facilities, fire protection facilities, low-voltage electrical equipment, operations involving hazardous materials, desiccating equipment, and type II pressure vessels as well as spot inspections of operations involving organic solvents and regular and special inspections of vehicles. A safety related communication mechanism has been established for equipment suppliers and process equipment and facility locations of the company to alleviate potential risks associated with existing and new machinery. In addition to special inspections prior to routine operations and construction safety management in the field of engineering safety, the company implements operational controls regarding high risks and dangers. Everlight regularly conducts occupational injury prevention measures, such as chemicals leaking drills, fire and evacuation drills, fire knowledge promotion, fire report, and electrical appliance safety protection, to improve the responding speed of employees in emergency cases, reduce accidents, and enhance workplace safety protection.

Talent Cultivation and Development

Employees are the material human resource capital. The company consistently pursues the improvement of profession. In all major operation locations, employees will not be treated unfairly due to different genders and types. The company provides comprehensively planned education training to different employees, which allows them to improve knowledge and skills.

Talent training is the key link for the creation of core competitiveness in pursuit of the CSR goals and commitment to sustainable corporate operations. Everlight views talent cultivation and training as a key management indicator. The goal is to train professionals in the field of LED optics and other areas for the company and the whole country to enhance national competitiveness.

In 2018, the training direction focused on the establishment of R&D talent role model, training of senior supervisor elite program, innovation series of program deployment. In the R&D talent role model project, there were 327 knowledge item outputs, 248 experience standard item outputs, 225 competency standard item outputs and 131 personal characteristic standard item outputs. Through such outputs, the required courses for 2019 R&D system are also established.

Since innovative solutions can separate one’s competitiveness, and only the leader is able to change the thinking and method to promote an innovation environment, to create innovative culture, the medium level supervisors shall consider how to promote innovation and to encourage as well as drive energy. Through the course establishment, employees are able to use their enhanced innovative attitude and thinking to implement their development concepts, to solve problem and to integrate creativity and analysis ability as well as to use tools to achieve innovation upon facing challenges. In 2018, from top to bottom, a series of innovation courses were performed for all levels, and Everlight innovation and reward events were organized.

In order to continuously increase the overall competitiveness of the company, we continue to plan various training activities every year. Through diverse trainings and learning, 252,776 hours of training courses were held in 2018. The average training hours for general employees were approximately 46 hours per person, and the average training hours for management level supervisors were 54 hours per person.

In addition to various management, professional, general knowledge courses etc., for the purpose of enhancing the learning knowledge and skills of all employees as well as organizing morning meeting seminars on educational training learning and promotion for various topics on systems and regulations, etc held after the daily morning exercise, starting from 2018, the company also organized 1 session of morning seminar topic learning mid-term and final examination during the period of the year in addition to the tests held at the end of each learning session, thereby conducting review and evaluation on the overall learning, and continuing the implementation of various learning outcomes.

Total training hours for employees in 2018 are as follows: