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Annual Performance and Participation in Social Welfare

Records for the Year

Participation in Social Welfare

Everlight Electronics embraces a philosophy giving back to society in hopes of serving as a social enterprise to put our charity into practice. The Company irregularly holds the beach cleaning, music concerts, and road runs to give back to society, and encourages employees to participate in social welfare activities. In 2019, we participated in 39 social welfare activities.

Sustainability Goals and Annual Performance

Integrated Investment and Sustainable Development Value Creation

Everlight enhances the sustainability strategy and comprehensively promote the economic growth social equality advancement and environmental protection, thereby demonstrating the long-term value of the company. For the “future operation strategy,” the Company integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN and the Integrated Reporting (IR) into the mid-term and long-term investment, strategy and business model in order to allow the company to have comprehensive advantages in sustainable operations under the fast-changing overall environment.