Horticulture Lighting Simulation System

The calculations in this horticulture tool are based on mathematical methods and approximations using typical characteristics and values. Small variations between real systems and calculation results are possible. Please always verify the final design with a real prototype.

System Input

*Target Photon Flux (μmol/s) per Luminaire
Please enter the Target Photon Flux (µmol/s) per Luminaire in order to start the calculation.
The sum of the ratio: % (photon flux : ) µMol/s is to high. Decrease the ratio by % or the Photon Flux by µMol/s
Photon Flux must more than 0.
ColorProductRatio(%)Photon Flux(μmol/s)Led CountForward Voltage(V)Forward Current(mA)

System Output

ColorProductRatio (%)Photon Flux (μmol/s)Led Count (EA)Forward Current (mA)Photon Flux (μmol/s)/EAPhotosynthetic Photon Flux per Luminaire(μmol/s)Radiant Flux per Luminaire (W)

System Summary

Solder Point Temperature (°C)Optical Efficiency (%)Electrical Efficiency (%)
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