Digital Proximity Sensor

Digital Proximity Sensor

The Digital Proximity Sensor integrates an ambient light sensor (ALS), a proximity sensor (PS), an infrared emitting diode (IRED) driver and an SMBus compatible I2C interface into one chip. The ALS and PS work independently, and communication to the device is accomplished through the fast I2C interface (up to 750kHz) for easy connection to a microcontroller or embedded controller. A flexible interrupt scheme is provided for minimal microcontroller utilization.


• 8~12bit ADC resolution.
• Specially coated photo diode with a narrow optical response in a specified infrared range.
• Programmable update/sleep time.
• Current sink driver for IR LED
• Cross-talk cancellation register


• Detection of ambient for controlling the backlight of TFT LCD display.
• Automatic residential and commercial lighting management.
• Automatic contrast enhancement for electronic signboard.


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